Clinical Consultant and Adjunct Associate Professor at School Of Psychology, University of Queensland, Dr Stan Steindl provides supervision for post-graduate students carrying out internal clinical placement within the university clinics and teaching into the postgraduate clinical psychology program. He has also helped establish the Compassionate Mind Research Group at UQ, and is involved in a number of research projects on the topics of shame and trauma, compassion and self-compassion, and motivation and MI.

You can view some of Stan’s recent work below or his full collection of articles and published work here:

Current Psychology February 2021

Article: Fears of compassion magnify the effects of rumination and worry on the relationship between self-criticism and depression.

Authors: Stanley R. Steindl ,Lara Gama Cavalcanti,Marcela Matos & Mark J. Boschen

Full article:  10.1007/s12144-021-01510-3

Journal of Child Sexual Abuse- 2017

Article: Compassion focused therapy as an intervention for adult survivors of sexual abuse.

Authors: Stanley R. Steindl ,, Lisa McLean

Full article:

Clinical Psychologist-Volume 2 July 2017

Article: Compassion focused therapy for eating disorders: A qualitative review and recommendations for further applications

Authors: Steindl, Stanley R., Kiera Buchanan, Kenneth Goss, Steven Allan

Full article:

Completed Research Projects

Parenting and Self-Compassion.

Staff: Dr James Kirby, Sarah Baldwin, David Laczko

Project: We are currently examining the role of self-compassion, cultivated via the established Loving-Kindness Meditation, in the context of families.

Dr Kirby is supervising two Honours students from the University of Queensland where we are examining the effect of the Loving-Kindness Meditation on psychological well-being in two experimental groups: (1) with parents of young children, and (2) with young adults still living at the family home.

See Sarah Baldwin’s findings

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